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How durable are ceramic chips?
  Our ceramic chips are very resistant to normal wear.   Due to the manufacturing process that embeds the artwork directly into the chip material, you don't need to worry about the artwork peeling or scratching.   With normal use, ceramic chips will last many, many years.   Please be aware that the chips can 'chip' or crack if they fall on a hard surface.
It appears that not all of my chips are perfectly centered. Are these defects?
  Due to the process of printing, which incorporates high temperatures and high pressure, it is impossible to have perfectly centered images.  The reason is that the chips expand very slightly when heated to extremely high temperatures.  This expansion means that there must be some "give" when the chips are in the printing jigs.  Therefore, there is an industry standard for tolerance of the print centering.  There are the occasional rejects where something shifts during printing and the prints are significantly off-center.  These are almost always caught during quality control.  However, it is possible that some of these can slip by us.  Be sure to take photos and send them to use if you feel you have any of these rejects.
My chips have a dimple on each edge. Is this normal?
  Yes, this is completely normal and every ceramic chip from every manufacturer has this mark.  These marks are a caused when the blank chip is created.  There is no way to create these chips without some sort of dimple.  We have created a mold to reduce the impact of the dimple as much as we can.
What are the physical dimensions of the chips?
  Diameter: 39mm (standard size poker chips)Weight: ~10g (same as most ceramic chips used in casinos)Edges:  the edge designs are designed to look like the chip material.
Why do my chips have scuff marks on them? How do I remove those marks?
  By the nature of this ceramic composite product, freshly printed chips may show some "chalky" scuff marks.  These are completely normal.  Most people won't do anything to actively remove these marks and within a game or two, which will consist of chip shuffling and handling, the marks will disappear when exposed to the oils that are naturally on a person's fingers/skin.  If you want to actively remove these marks before you use them in a game you can use a damp cloth to wipe both faces.  The chips are completely waterproof and the image will not wipe off or fade by wiping them off - you can even leave them in standing water without any degradation of the image.
Are these chips expensive for poker chips?
  This really depends on what type of chips you are comparing these to.    The cost of a set of chips is mostly dependent on what type of material the chips are made from.  The folks over at put together a nice summary page that  compares the various types of chips including advantages and disadvantages. These chips are similar in cost to other ceramic chips on the market.
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